belgium travel

Referring to Belgium many people will think of sweet chocolate bars, delicious waffles or sparkling diamonds, ... To Belgium tourism, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy these precious products but also visit the peaceful village, was watching the Gothic architectural magnificence. That is also the reason that in recent years, Belgium emerged to become one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe. Brussels park Referring to the famous tourist destinations in Belgium, it is impossible not to mention the Brussels park. This is a large park with an area of over 250,000m2. It focuses on cultural beauty, artistic achievements as well as famous artworks in the world. Visiting this park will feel like you are traveling all over Europe. There are many models here to simulate famous landmarks and landmarks of European countries. Bourse Building This is a place where any tourist who comes to Belgium wants to visit. You will see firsthand the unique architecture, which is a combination of two trends, Tan Tan and the Second Empire. The highlight of this court is the sculptures, paintings or decorative objects inside the building. They were all crafted and designed by famous artists of the time. Like Brussels Park, Mini-Europe is also seen as a miniature Europe. Here, you will see icons of 25 countries in the European region with miniature dimensions such as the Eiffel Tower of France, Pisa's leaning tower of Italy. Big Square This square has an area of over 20,000m2 and was built in the 11th century. This square has also been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of mankind. If you have the opportunity to travel to Belgium, do not miss the opportunity to visit this square.