Jordan travel

Jordan is an Arab country in the Middle East stretching from the southern part of the Syrian desert to the Gulf of Aqaba. More than 85% of Jordan's territory is covered by desert, but this land is a place where many great cultures come together with many legends around this small country. Coming to Jordan, on his journey of discovery, visitors come to Amman, the ancient city of Petra, the Dead Sea, the Wadi Rum valley - "Moonlight Valley", ... with many ancient architectural styles. , massive castles carry many styles of Egypt, Syria, Greece, and Rome ... Amman - the capital of Jordan is located right on 7 hills with ancient, mixed and modern features. Here you can visit the Amman Theater built during the reign of Antoninus Pius, which accommodates 6,000 people regularly used for theater and entertainment activities. Umayyad Palace, as well as massive castles in the desert, were built during the Omayyad Caliphs. North of Amman is the ancient city of Jerash, a relic of Roman architectural works, and the people of Jordan are proud of this ancient land with structures built thousands of years ago. The most special feature of the program is the city of Petra - a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985, famous for many statues carved into cliffs. On July 7, 2007, Petra was recognized as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. Petra is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East. Petra in Greek means "stone", is an archaeological site located in southwestern Jordan, running from the Dead Sea to Gulf of Aqaba. There are many stone statues that are sculpted vividly on the walls and ceilings of the cliffs The Wadi Rum Valley - located in the southwest of Jordan has a lot of skyscrapers, endless sand dunes, and canyons that give Wadi Rum a wild but romantic look. Smoking is described as "Valley of the Moonlight". Especially to Wadi Rum, you feel the stillness of almost endless space, the romantic romance of nearly 2,000m high mountains like Jabal Rum, Jebel Rum Adami. Experience Jordan travels to admire the relics that exist with time. Visit the museums to preserve the unique artifacts of the Middle East cultural region. Amman the capital is both modern and ancient as a garden to keep a beautiful sparkling fairy world.