Iceland travel

Iceland is an island nation in the European region and one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world but has a strong developed economy, especially the extremely strong service, and financial sector. The per capita income in Iceland ranks fifth in the world and is the world leader in the HDI. With a majestic natural landscape, unique, Iceland is increasingly attractive to international tourists. Iceland is located adjacent to the northernmost region, so the climate is quite cold. The coast of Iceland has a temperate climate with a cold ocean, but thanks to the hot North Atlantic currents, the island has a warmer climate than other places of the same latitude, the winter is relatively pleasant. and summer is cool and wet. According to Iceland travel experience, the best weather to explore this island nation is around September to November, because the climate has changed from summer to autumn, bringing "enough" cold is not too harsh. like a bone-chilling winter, the weather is drier, and especially at the end of September, you will have the opportunity to see firsthand the wonderful aurora phenomenon, which is considered one of the celestial phenomena. The most beautiful course in the world. Capital Reykjavik: Iceland is the first place you land if you move from Vietnam, and this is also the tourist city that tourists love the most that you have to explore when visiting this country. You will have the opportunity to see the colorful and interesting streets, watch the moon in winter or the midnight sunrise in the summer. Especially the beautiful aurora phenomenon in the fall will make you completely immersed in the charming natural scenery of nature. Blue Lagoon Hot Spring: What is more amazing than in the cold weather you find a steaming hot spring stream to soak and enjoy, feeling like a fairyland by the fuzzy steam. This special stream also attracts thousands of tourists because it contains many healthy minerals and has therapeutic benefits. Gullfoss waterfall, also known as Golden Falls: Gullfoss waterfall contains the spectacular beauty of nature with a waterfall height of about 32m, white foam, alternating mountains are majestic, suggesting to visitors about the Ancient myths that fascinate people. It is considered the most beautiful natural wonder in Iceland. Rugbraud - rye bread: this is a favorite dish of many people because of simple processing but delicious taste. You can eat bread with butter, ham, tuna, cheese ... Iceland cuisine has a long history with important ingredients are lamb, milk, fish ... The taste of Iceland food is quite typical. According to Iceland travel experience, there are quite a number of specialty dishes that you should enjoy when coming to this beautiful island nation. First of all, there is Haraki dish, rotten shark meat: The dish is made from shark meat of Greenland type, prepared cleanly, cut off the head, buried in sand, stone, and gravel about 6-12 weeks. and take it to dry for about 3 - 5 months to enjoy. This is also one of the traditional dishes of Icelanders. Svid - the sheep's head: this dish when it looks like it looks horrible because there is a double sheep head on the plate, however different from its frightening appearance, the strong flavor of this dish is definitely It will make you remember forever. Hardfiskur - dried fish dish: this is a familiar snack, considered a version of Iceland's dried beef, often served with butter. You can buy it at any supermarket here, but the best is still at Kalaportid flea market.