london travel

London was named the city of fog. This is considered a big international city. But, more specifically, to London, you will see there is a set of contrasts here. On one side is the rich city and the third world city on the other. However, there are still beggars and even thieves. In contrast to many other cities in Europe, London is an industrialized city but it is chaotic but it is also the characteristic attraction of this city. Coming to London, you will have the opportunity to witness and discover famous destinations here such as Saint-Paul church, the monastery of Westminster, Tamise harbor, Buckingham Palace ... There are also public parks. Park, commercial streets and bustling markets ... promises to be interesting places when you come to London. London is the capital of England. The climate is relatively pleasant and rain is not everywhere. From November to February, the weather is uncomfortable with sudden rain and colder weather. From March to October, it is longer than night but it is still cold. Therefore, the best time in London is from April to September. This is not only a pleasant time but also a peak tourist season in England. At this time, tourists come to London very crowded, concentrating mainly on beaches, parks ... To London, you should first visit Big Ben - the full name is the Clock Tower of Westminster Palace. This is the clock tower structure of the parliament building in Westminster. Victorian Gothic style tower with a height of up to 96.3m and a weight of up to 9553 tons. The tower swayed in the East-West direction due to the thermal effect. In addition, watching the Big Ben tower you can see the face of the big clock once famous for the name of the world's largest four-sided watch. See for yourself the clock tower of Westminster Palace you will have great experiences. Visit London, don't forget to explore the Chelsea gardens and the Royal Botanic Gardens. This is considered one of the famous landmarks of the fog city. Visit this garden, you will see firsthand thousands of different species of trees including many rare species, especially, have the largest olive tree in England. Royal botanical garden is also a place to bring you fresh air with green space of flowers and leaves. Surely coming here, you will have the most meaningful moments. London is also known as the city of the most unique museums in the world and one of them is the Madame Tussauds Wax Exhibition Wax Museum. You also can not help but visit the Buckingham royal palace. This is the residence of Queen Elizabeth II. The front yard of the reward palace is used to hold great ceremonies or to visit many international tourists to admire the beauty of the palace. London Eye is one of the truly special destinations when you come to London. Because, to the London Eye, you will admire the whole city from above. This building is designed to look like a giant wheel close to the banks of the River Thames. To experience this wonderful feeling, you should come here in the evening, when night falls, you will be able to see the whole city with the flickering lights from above.