berlin travel

Berlin is the capital of Germany and the largest city in the country. It has one of the most chaotic histories of any European capital but has emerged as one of Europe's most popular destinations in recent years. There is a lot of history and art here, and Berlin has become popular with young students and artists, writers, and creators who have become new immigrants of the city Berlin is an old city with a young heart and one of the most interesting, coolest, most diverse and eclectic cities in Europe. Gendarmenmarkt Square: The square was built in 1688 and is home to many important city events. There are 3 square houses with beautiful architecture, including a concert hall in the middle of two churches Schloss Charlottenburg Palace: built in 1699, the palace is surrounded by a lush green garden and features Baroque and Rococo-style interiors. Berlin Cathedral: built in Baroque style with 243 feet high dome, filled with light symbolizing the presence of God and the Holy Spirit. The interior of the church is extremely sophisticated and gorgeous. Berlin TV Tower: built in 1965 and is the tallest tower in the city with a height of 207 meters. Visitors can go to the top of the tower to see Berlin from above. German Parliament Building: built in 1894. The building has arches that symbolize the transparency of the National Assembly. This work is open to visitors from 1999. Brandenburger Tor Gate: made of the largest sandstone stone built in 1791 and the gateway to the city. This is considered the symbol of the city like Paris' Eiffel Tower. Berlin cuisine is extremely rich, diverse known as sausage, wine, pork leg meat with pickles, German beer .... The worry from the question of eating well when traveling to Berlin is no longer too difficult for tourists. In it, there are over 200 different types of sausages made from veal, pork, pork brains ... and typical curry sausages for German cuisine, this is also the best dish in Berlin. The traditional dish in Berlin is a pickled cabbage dish served with pork rolls, which is an impressive dish for diners. Potato salad is a specialty dish in Berlin, this unique dish is an ingenious blend of pepper, sugar, onion, herbs, and favorite food in Berlin. German beer is a delicious drink that is also a traditional drink of Germans and many people love it, beer is produced on standard lines and strict procedures. According to the cheap and self-sufficient Berlin tourism experience, you should enjoy delicious food in Berlin, because of the affordable price, attractive food and enthusiastic and friendly service.